This is the official Wiki for the SEHSAC universe. It tells a great story of friends, foes, love, and lust as well. Edit

Disclaimer: On a serious note this universe was created by friends for fun to let our weird thoughts out and have laughs. If you genuinely don't feel comfortable with swearing, sexual intercourse, even hentai, please turn away now.

Please take the links below to navigate across the sea of the SEHSAC universe. There is so much to discover.

Take this link to find out about authors and information about us outside of the universe we have created. In this link you will learn about all the different people that write here, our thoughts on our world, upcoming plans, interesting things about us, and what we work on. It could be managing the page, writing, creating art, videos, E.C.T.

Take this link to find our stories ordered chronologically. Through this link you can read the whole universe, and the stories that take place inside of them. There is so much text in each story, so to combat this it is just the titles of the stories, a bit of info on them, and then a link to a page where you can read the full story, so everything is nice and neat.

Take this link for art, profiles, and more on the universe. There's many facts, characters, and background info we leave out in our stories. In this page you will find profiles on all the characters, and the whole universes stories all summed up, so if you miss a story you can read it over, and check it out here.

Take this link for Sea Of seagulls special universe, Neet Nort-iverse. Sea of seagulls is working on a great series starring cringe worthy deviant art characters, made in M.S paint. Take this link to check it all out.

And lastly, take this final link to check out the tonight show, a universe created by Archi. It's a series about characters recieving interviews in a tonight show style.

note: Explore, have fun, and welcome to this world!

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